All Good Things

must sometime come to an end. WebMaker one of those things. After freelancing for more than a decade, I've moved on and dissolved WebMaker Inc. I'll look back on owning my own business with a sense of accomplishment and humility for all the clients who chose to trust me with their online presence.

In April of 2014 I moved into the next chapter of my career as a full-time Front End Developer for mission-driven Teach For America. 

Drupal Security Notices

With a couple extremely time-sensitive announcements in as many weeks, I thought it would be helpful to let folks know how to get these security advisories BEFORE your website notifiies you.

Login to your account. Then go to Profile and click on the Edit tab. A new nav bar appears, click on My Newsletters. Select "Security Announcements" and then click Save.

You can visit and bookmark this page to see the latest annoucements: Security Advisories

BADCamp 2014 Session

BADCamp 2014 Session

At the eleventh hour, a colleague and I decided to submit a presentation for BADCamp 2014. Lo and behold, it was accepted. How thrilling!

Then reality set in and we realized we actually had to put this thing together. Some late nights, last minute change and a dry-run to our Drupalistas Group, but we did i!

We gave a beginner level presentation titled "MIghty Modules You May Not Have Met (Yet)". It was a success despite our nerves.

SMACSS in Drupal 8

This is an overview of Drupal 8's adoption of SMACSS for CSS architecture and file organization, along with some of the best practices outlined in the documentation at You can checkout the links at the end for reference.

SMACSS stands for Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS and is a guide to CSS structure written by Jonathan Snook.

CSS Architecture for Drupal 8

The CSS Architecture for Drupal 8 aims to apply emerging best-practices for CSS, including the SMACSS system of modular CSS architecture.

Roles and text formatting

I found a 'gotcha' today involving a site manager not being able to edit the body of a Basic page or Article. In place of the WYSIWYG they love so dearly was this instead, sort of grayed out: "This field has been disabled because you do not have sufficient permissions to edit it". I first checked to be sure that permissions were granted for this role to edit these content types. Why, if the role has permissions to edit something they aren't able to edit it.

I found this posted in the Drupal group on LinkedIn today. I think it's a neat idea and like the TimOnWeb blog says:

"We Drupal people, we love to share, this is in our blood and this is an underlying power which drives Drupal community, do something and share with others!"